Hiren’s Boot CD USB PE x64 bit Software Repair Tools Suite 2020 latest version

Hiren’s Boot USB Is Used By Some Of The Top Computer tech Professionals to Diagnose, Repair and fix computer issues. It is filled with every tool you can imagine to fix virtually all PC problems.
This will help with issues such as the hard drive failing, your computer catching nasty viruses, you forgetting your password and not knowing how to recover it, or accidentally losing all the data. It is the ultimate tool used by computer repair techs everywhere.
This is the latest edition of the famous Hiren’s Boot Repair. Even more powerful and useful and packed with the latest features. Not only that, it supports UEFI booting! It has partition tools, anti-virus, backup and recovery, testing tools, password tools and more!
This is an emergency boot disk based on Windows 10 PE x64. It is being developed for the new age computers, it supports UEFI booting and requires minimum 2 GB RAM.
There are a dozens and dozens of useful tools installed and organized into different categoriesto make it quick and easy to fix your computers issues. Please Note: This does NOT Install or Re-Install Windows, it is a Pre-Install Environment to allow you to quickly fix and repair your PC.

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The Ultimate Computer Repair Tool that is used by tech professionals every day to diagnose and repair computer issues.
Hiren’s BootCD PE (Preinstallation Environment) is a restored edition of Hiren’s BootCD Now On A Bootable 16GB Flash Drive. It based on Windows 10 PE x64. It supports UEFI booting and requires a minimum of 2 GB RAM. Please note that this version is for 64 bit systems only.
This USB includes every tool you can think of to fix, repair, edit, and kill viruses off your system. Hiren’s has been used for years by computer repair stores, computer technicians, network specialists and more!
Take a look at just some of the amazing tools
AntiVirus Tools
– Prevent hackers from stealing your personal and financial information.
– Scan and remove all viruses.
– Scan and remove all spyware.
– Scan and remove all hidden trojans.
– Scan and remove imposter programs which are really stealing your information.
– Scan and remove all adware and many other malicious programs.
Backup Tools
– Backup all files on the computer even if files are locked by Windows.
– Backup an entire hard drive or partition.
– Backup all registry files.
– Backup all installed programs.
– Backup an entire operating system.
– Easily backup anything and everything on your computer. BIOS / CMOS Tools – Remove and replace a BIOS password.
– Present all BIOS information, including beep codes.
– Restore your entire CMOS.
– Completely wipe the CMOS.
– All in one utility tools for both BIOS and CMOS. Browsers / File Managers – Rename multiple files and change their timestamps.
– Clone of Norton Commander but with many more features.
And MUCH, MUCH MORE! There are too many tools to list here! Everything you need to repair and fix your PC Problems